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Since September 2016

A Date for Two Concepts at the Ithaca Farmers Market. The Ravens Perch.

Bird.  Fourth River, (Fall 2016), 74.  

Catalpa Leaves. Canary 34 (Fall 2016) 

Even So Dante. The Ravens Perch.

Fame. Shot Gun Journal.  19 (May 2016).

Intermittent Clouds. The Ravens Perch.

In the Mask of a Fox.  Still: the Journal.

Red Fox. Fourth River, (Fall 2016), 76.  

Story Like a Dog.  Shot Glass Journal.  19 (May 2016)

Two Feet In, Six Feet Under.  The Kelsey Review. 

The Widow Laments Another Autumn. Canary 34 (Fall 2016)

There Is Never Enough.  Shot Gun Journal, 19 (May 2016).

Your Darling Pain.  The Ravens Perch.

You Write Too Much.  The Raven’s Perch.

Earlier in 2016

An Adage or Two for My Father-in-law in a Wyoming Rest Home

No Accounting Scroll down

Baby Bunting

East by Southeast Scroll down

Egon Schiele's Lovers


Like a Maelstrom with a Notch

Lot's Wife

The Dream of Hair

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Spineless

Orpheus Floating Slowly By PDF download 2015

Self-Portrait as a Groundhog, PDF download 2015

Quite New

A Blessing for This Man

According to Marcus AureliusPDF download Fall 2015

Given These Operations Are Ongoing, Split the Rock
Folding Rock. Postcard Poems & Prose.
Fork.  Print Oriented Bastards

Four StarsPDF download Fall 2015
I Don’t Want to be a Tree, I want to be its meaning.

If  Lion Could Speak, We Could Not Understand Him

 Landscrape with Hillside Partially Effaced. Split the Rock, 5 (Fall 2015) Scroll down

Lazarus  PDF dowload, Issue Fall 2015, 16
My Sister Hears Voices in the New Plumbing

Not All Our Excuses Come to Light:Switched On Gutenberg  
Review of Juditha Dowd’s Mango in Winter, Red Paint Hill (October 2015).

The Heart's Worst AdditionsPDF Download Fall 2015

The Island Where My Sister Lives
The Simple Life: Postcard Poems & Prose.    

The Snow Was Falling

We Are Lashed to Our Body

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