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Older Web Publications

“For the earth is filled with violence.” Lime Hawk Review (Winter 2015)

Another Note to My Dead Mother.  Clementine Poetry: an online poetry journal.

Anxiety.  Shot Gun Poetry Journal; Online Journal of Short Poetry.  Muse Pie Press.

Bellingham Review.  Contributor spotlight. Online. December 2014.

Camera Obscura.  Lime Hawk Review (Winter 2015). 

Cleaning His Felt Hat.  Spry Literary Journal,  6 (June 2015)

Cutting Clouds.  Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal.  June 2015.

Dumb Fuck.  Republished by Vietnam War Poetry, Joy LeBaron 2015 editor.2015

For as Long as a Paragraph. Jet Fuel Review. 

from Nightmares of the Minor Poet (a foldable chapbook). Origami Poetry Project, August 2014,The Origami Poems Project, PO Box 1623East Greenwich, RI 02818

Hangnail Sun.  Lime Hawk Review (Winter 2015). 

It’s All Insomnia for Epimetheus. Red Rose Review, Winter 2014.

Marlene Mae Talks about Denial.  Bellingham Review.  Online.

Marlene Mae Thinks about Hair. Poem republished. Chapbook featured on Sundress Blog.  Aug 18-20, 2014.

Marlene Mae’s Mother Turns Seventy-Six and Her Physician Asks if She Is Still Sexually Active. Bellingham Review.  Online. Fall 2014

Nameless Wireless Caller.  Slushpile Magazine. 

No Important Things.  Watershed Review.

Petitio Principii:  Heron Tree. April 12, 2015. 

Placebo. Jet Fuel Review. 

Post Traumatic Shock.  Vietnam War Poetry, edited Joy LeBaron. (2015)

The Blue Sky Was Leaping.  Republished.  Diverse Voices Quarterly. Issue 7, 23 2014. 

The Lop-sided Bra.  Summer Festival. AWP Summer Festival August 2014

The Heart of Dough. Little Patuxent Review. 17 (Winter 2015), 60.

The Notebooks.  Travel by the books, February 2015. 

The Reluctant Clock. Summer Festival. AWP Summer Festival August 2014

The Shop Teacher. The Wild Goose Review. Spring 2013.

The Soul Selects Her Lamborghini.  Clementine Poetry: on online poetry journal. (January 2015).

The Widow Laments Another Autumn. Weatherings, ed. David Chorlton and Rober S. King. Lexington, Kentucky: FutureCycle Press,, 85. PDF available

Uncertainty as You Wobble through It. 

You’re Toast. Jet Fuel Review.